MI 5 is watching…. your MP

There’s a big fuss about MI 5 keeping files on British Members of Parliament. I’ve been doing some research for a new story idea and I’ve come across quite a few examples of prominent politicians who were possible security risks… and not all of them were called Profumo! Possible risk is enough, because MPs have more access to secrets and influence by virtue of their position. And if MI 5 keeps files on the unelected, why not the elected too?
MI 5 spy catcher, Peter Wright [and others], alleged that Labour MP Tom Driberg passed secrets to a Czech controller for money. He may have shared a few more with friend and spy, Anthony Burgess, too – always assuming anyone was foolish enough to share them with a notorious gossip like Driberg in the first place. GayMoscow1
Driberg and Burgess in Moscow

And in World War 2 a number of Conservative MPs were involved with ‘The Right Club’ – the pro Nazi anti semitic group that was working to undermine the country’s war effort. Its founder, Archibald Ramsay [MP for Peebles and Southern Midlothian], was interned in Brixton Prison. Members of The Right Club were caught supplying intelligence from the American Embassy to the enemy. Ramsay was reputed to be the Nazis’ chosen Gaulieter for Scotland. 438811
MP Archibald Ramsay
MI 5 was wrong to consider MPs Hain and Harman a risk – the Security Service makes mistakes all the time – only, most of those who appear in its files don’t benefit from the concern of press and parliament.

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