Praise for the book

“….. a flair, grasp of detail, and strong characterisation that reminds me uncannily of Robert Harris’s best-seller Enigma, and there’s no higher praise . . . this is a terrific first novel. Harris had better watch out.”
Geoffrey Wansell, Daily Mail

“One of the most gripping books I have read for some time.” 
Terry Sutton, The Times

“… his dialogue is energetic, and he is armed with a real passion for these events.  Events are never absurd or melodramatic, and the characters are damaged, driven and fallible … this is gripping stuff.  Williams has put his knowledge to work, and any reader will emerge from this debut entertained and half-amazed at a terrific, mostly untold story.’ 
Bill Greenwell, The Independent

“Williams’ setting within naval intelligence (where a certain Ian Fleming is an important officer) and indeed within wartime London, is utterly convincing, atmospheric enough to sometimes remind me of Alan Furst….He keeps this book involving, suspenseful and fascinating to the end, and it is a remarkable first novel.”
Michael Carlson, Crime Time

“… is an exciting, pacy Second World War novel with a clever twist…”
Andrew Roberts, The Daily Telegraph

“This atmospheric first novel makes good use of different viewpoints … maintaining the  excitement and sense of mystery even though the reader knows how the story must end.”
Mat Coward, The Morning Star

Historical Shot of the Year goes to a wartime thriller, Andrew Williams’ fantastically assured first novel ….”
Mike Ripley, Shots

“An interesting slant on the war thriller – a central character with survivor’s guilt… this is a first-rate debut, highly recommended.” 
The Bookseller

“……. real depth to go with real excitement ….. the convincing setting is the result of some hefty research worn very lightly indeed….” 
Simon Parker, Bookgeek

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