Yearly Archives: 2015

The Suicide Club in Crime Review

A cracker in Crime Review: A ‘dark and disturbing story’. ‘Williams somehow manages to balance all the elements with totally persuasive characters, a strong narrative and disturbing correspondences between fact …

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The execution of Roger Casement

On this day Sir Roger Casement was hanged for his part in trying to smuggle German weapons to Ireland for the Easter Rising of 1916. I wrote about his time …

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A Srebrenica Diary – investigating the crime

Twenty years ago this week, 8000 Bosnian Muslims were murdered in and around Srebrenica. A few months after the event I was a member of the BBC Panorama that went …

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Interview for Writing Magazine

Some thoughts on my working day in an interview with Lynne Hackles for Writing Magazine.

The Sunday Times summer paperbacks

Great review in The Sunday Times’s pick of the paperbacks section to mark the pb of The Suicide Club. ‘Meticulously researched and classily written, the novel offers a distinctive perspective …

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Poor old Agent ‘Le Nusse’

There were some spectacular espionage failures during World War 1… The Suicide Club was one of the worst. British Army intelligence came up with the idea of placing agents behind …

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Paperback of The Suicide Club

The paperback of The Suicide Club is published on July 2nd, with the good opinion of reviewers inserted…. ‘Sheer story telling impetus that is impossible to resist.’ Financial Times ‘His …

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Edinburgh Summerhall Historical Fiction Festival

Doing a turn at the Summerhall Historical Fiction Festival in Edinburgh on Saturday April 25th at 10.30. Will be talking about The Suicide Club, fiction and fact, spies and World …

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MI 5 is watching…. your MP

There’s a big fuss about MI 5 keeping files on British Members of Parliament. I’ve been doing some research for a new story idea and I’ve come across quite a …

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Suicide Club Q and A

Answers to some questions that were thrown at me in a recent interview about The Suicide Club….. Where did the idea for The Suicide Club come from? Ideas have long …

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