More Reviews

Some more reviews of The Suicide Club in the last few days. Andrew Taylor describes it as ‘admirable’ in The Spectator. ‘What stands out about this book’, he writes, ‘is the depth of the author’s research, coupled with strong narrative and a nuanced understanding of the internal politics of GHQ’. The Sunday Times followed up its review of the week before by making it a ‘Must Read’ this week, and The Scotsman described it as ‘a masterly spy thriller’. Allan Massie writes in The Scotsman that, ‘it establishes Williams as an unusually accomplished craftsman, a master of the intelligent historical spy thriller. His research is thorough and has been absorbed; it never obtrudes. His imagination works in harmony with his powers of observation. His plotting is intricate and coherent. The narrative drives compellingly along.’ Thanks to Allan Massie, thanks to all for their good opinions.

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